The Cherokee Society of the Greater Bay Area (CSGBA) is a community of Cherokees dedicated to Cherokee history, culture, heritage, tradition, and fellowship. We are a non-political, non-profit Native American organization whose members reside outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation and Bands. We have come together on the basis of our shared history and heritage, and out of an interest in the continuation of and a love for the Cherokee People and Nations.

It is critically important that we find innovative ways to retain Cherokee people in stronger ties of culture and responsible citizenship. The Cherokee Society of the Greater Bay Area (CSGBA) is a Satellite Community of the Cherokee Nation.

Our goals include:
• Learning and retaining Cherokee language, culture, and history
• Disseminating accurate information about present issues facing the Cherokee Nation and its citizens
• Acting as a contact point for the At-Large Tribal Council representatives and their constituents

Although the CSGBA is directed predominantly by citizens of the Cherokee Nation, members of the Eastern Band Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, non-citizens of Cherokee descent, Cherokee Freedman, intermarried whites, spouses and other family members, and anyone with a sincere interest in the Cherokee Nation are also welcome to participate. Our members are predominately drawn from the San Francisco Bay Area including the North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco.


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